Student Leadership Convention

The Student Leadership Convention (SLC) is an annual convention, successfully organised for the past ten years in University of Malaya since 2006. The convention was engendered to create awareness and provide maximum exposure to undergraduates on relevant developments in the country and pertinent information on global issues.

Built as a platform to gather top Indian student leaders in the country, SLC is proud to be the first group in line to encourage productive thinking and to nurture a culture of excellence and perfection among undergraduates. Hence, prominent figures around the country are brought together in one platform to inspire and guide.

The convention remains a neutral ground to discuss and debate, simultaneously provoking thoughtful and effective ideas to be implemented in various private, government and NGO institutions in the country for the betterment of society.

We hold strong to our core values of building a strong career, igniting and enhancing leadership skills, endeavoring entrepreneurship and undertaking social responsibilities seriously. These values, we believe, cannot be seen in isolation, but must be integrated to achieve the ideal state in any individual.