LEAD Malaysia

"LEAD Malaysia is a brand that gives space to graduates to participate, voice out and pen down their thought process on many areas or field.

Upholding strongly to our core values and objectives, we undertake and participate professionally and we deliver exceptionally. Besides having a steering committee to oversee the functionality of LEAD Malaysia, we have formed a pool of educated youth to be the catalyst to respond to pertinent issues in the country. This think-tank group is mobilized every now and then to respond to issues that matter.

To be the catalyst to coalesce leadership and professionalism
Our principal agenda is Professional Leadership
We engage in Smart Partnerships
Knowledge & Network is our key attribute

What sets you apart is the ability to produce better than average results

Professional Working Environment

Learn to adapt to a professional working environment and deliver better than average results


Expand your professional network


Experience the actual working world. Be aware of the standard of expectations

Do you have what it takes to deliver better than average results?

Join us. We are looking for capable individuals to add value to the team.


Willing to work in a team?

Diversity can be a challenge to some in a professional environment, can you face the challenges and overcome them.

Good work ethics

Have integrity. Maintaining integrity in a corporate environment can prove to be difficult. Learn how from us.

Capable of delivering excellent work results

Exposure to the thought process involved in achieving excellence

Willing to shoulder professional responsibilities

Responsibility comes with accountability.

Join Us to take the Next Step in Your Life